Friday, July 14, 2006

The new season of Project Runway started this week!! I missed season 1 entirely. Never saw a single episode. But then I got totally hooked on it last season. Every Thursday, I would have to sit down with one of the actors at the theatre so we could dish about the previous night's episode. (Loved Daniel, thought he should have won. Chloe was ok, but I didn't think she wanted it enough. Santino was like a car crash - you just can't keep yourself from rubber necking.) I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but I have the VCR set to tape Project Runway every Wednesday.

One of my favorite things about Project Runway is reading Manolo Blahnik's blog the next day. Yes, Manolo Blahnik of shoe fame has a blog. If you like Project Runway, you must go read his blog. It's hysterical! I love his take on everything.

I can't believe it's Friday already. This week has gone by fast. I had a great Tuesday with my friend Mama E. We took her little Cowboy to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I hadn't been there in ages. It is very fun (though ridiculously expensive.) I LOVE the sting rays. I could watch them forever. There is something so peaceful and graceful about them. Sadly, taking pictures in the aquarium was a bit of a challenge with my crappy camera. So here's a little collage of the pics that actually came out.
Day at the Aquarium
Lots of turtles!

After the aquarium, we met up with Amie and Cheryl for lunch. Then we headed over to Cloverhill Yarn. Mama E was very excited because her new wheel had come in!!! yay!!! One by one, all of my knitting pals are being sucked away into the land of Spinning! I fear I shall be the last hold out!

I am please to say that I managed to get out of Cloverhill without buying anything. I walked around with a skein of Trekking XXL in my hand for awhile, but I eventually put it back where I found it. I need to use the yarn I already have. I love a good stash enhancer, but I'm really trying to not spend so much right now! I think yarn purchases will be delayed until I go the beach in a few weeks.

My Jaywalkers are coming along slowly. I'm using the toe-up pattern I found here. I am so not sure about the heels on these. It is very strange, and I feel like the foot of the socks are going to be gigantic. I've reread the pattern several times to make sure I'm doing it right. Hopefully it will work out ok. If it doesn't, I'll rip back and do a plain old short row heel.

Jay progress

See, they don't look much different than the last time you saw them - just a little longer!

I leave you with a gratuitous Poodle picture. Please forgive her yellow demon eyes!
And yes, she really is the rattiest poodle in America.

Oh, almost forgot... side note to Mainiax - I found a "two at the same time, one long circular" tutorial here. Hope that helps!


Blogger Elinor said...

I love the Aquarium. It makes me so happy. The Australia exhibit is amazing. And turtles are always great. =D

YES I am working at Baltimore's theatre right now, working Props 1 several times a week. It's great. I like the people a lot. Thank you for letting me know about it. Yay!

6:20 PM  
Blogger Kadiddly said...

Just FYI, in case you hadn't noticed it yet, Jaywalkers are not a very elastic pattern. You really need to make them exactly the size you need. I would keep trying them on to make sure they fit, because they really won't stretch or contract, and you don't want to get them almost done just to discover they are too big or too small.

4:21 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I love the aquarium in Baltimore! We've brought my little cousins a few times.

Good for you for resisting the Trekking urge! It's hard!

9:06 AM  

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