Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Still here

Does anyone else feel less motivated to blog in the summer? I sure do! I had a very busy week last week doing lights for a camp production of Evita. It was quite an ambitious show for a bunch of teenagers to do. I generally like doing camp, but it was a looong week. It was kinda nice to be away from my usual job for a bit though!

And of course.... Harry Potter came out this weekend, so that also kept me from my blog!
Here's a little sad HP story...

My 80 year old father LOVES Harry Potter. I think he has read every book at least a half dozen times. So, needless to say, he was VERY excited about the new book. He had preordered it from Amazon. So, Saturday morning, he makes the laborious trip out to the mailbox. (Dad uses a walker, and is very slow. Going to the mailbox is a huge trek for him.) He opens the mailbox - HURRAY, Harry Potter is in the mailbox! And it is STUCK!. He couldn't get it out! The stupid mailman had wedged the book into the box and my poor Dad couldn't get it out. He even dragged himself back to the house and got a knife in the hopes that he could cut away the box and be able to get the book out, but no such luck. He was so bummed! I haven't spoken to him since Saturday, so hopefully by now he has his book!

Lots of crafty stuff to share. I finished my Embossed Leaves socks about two weeks ago.
Embossed Leaves
Finished Embossed Leaves socks

They are ever so slightly too big, but I love them anyways. I gotta say, Tess yarn is fabulous.
I still have one skein in my stash from MDS&W. I am looking forward to knitting with it again.

After finishing the socks, I needed an easy knit to work on while I was at camp. So I restarted my Montego Bay Scarf. I don't have a recent picture of it, but here is a picture I took after I first started it:
Montego Bay Scarf

It's now about 5 feet long. I'm just going to knit until I run out of yarn. The yarn is Seasilk, a gift from my pal Mama E. It is so gorgeous. After I finished the Seasilk scarf for my sister, I knew I wanted one too. This pattern is oh so simple, but I think the scarf is going to be really pretty. I really thought I would be done with this sometime this week, but then I realized something....

The Howard County Fair is NEXT WEEKEND. I really thought it wasn't till the END of August, not the beginning!! In other words... I thought I had more time! I really want to enter my Spring Blossoms Shawl, but I have been seriously neglecting it. So, now I am in crazed knitting mode, in hopes that I can get it finished by next Friday. I am not confident that I will be able to finish, but I'm going to try. So, the Montego Bay Scarf is on hold for the moment.

I am also planning on entering the Embossed Leaves socks and one of my knit toys. I haven't really decided which one yet. My top three choices are Trice, Pepe, and Arabelle.

I've also been doing a little sewing too. I made myself a Bias Tape Tote.

Bias Tape Tote
It's not perfect, but it came out pretty cute. And, it's reversible!
Bias Tape Tote reversed

I wanted to make one after I saw Laura's version. So cute! The fabulous free pattern is available here. I want to add some kind of closure to the top of it, but I haven't really figured out exactly what I want to do yet.

This afternoon, I made a little patchwork pillow out of some scraps my mom gave me. I don't have a picture yet, but it's kinda pretty!

Going to bed! Wish me luck with my lace knitting!


Blogger Stacey said...

lots of knitting! summer is hard - so much other stuff to do - winter is easier with crappy weather we are all stuck inside anyway so there is more time to blog!

darn - i'm bummed i'll miss the fair!!!! good luck with the lace!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Your embossed leaves socks came out great, and I love that bias tape tote!!

Can you enter all 3 animals as a group? Cause they are SO CUTE together.

I am also so unmotivated to blog. Your post inspired me, I am going to do something about my serious lack of blogging, so thanks!

8:55 AM  
Blogger Lucy said...

How awesome that your grandfather loves to read HP but what a bummer of a story that the book was stuck. You'll have to let us know what happened with that.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Lucy said...

I'm sorry...I meant "father".

12:35 PM  
Blogger Lolly said...

I hope your dad has been reading HP! That is crazy that the book was stuck! irresponsible mailman...

LOVE the socks. That is a brilliant blue :)

and Mentego is so fast and fun. That is lace I can handle! Yours looks great!

2:02 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

That'll go great with my skirt... if I ever get around to finishing it. (I'm trying to convince myself that I need to clean my kitchen before I'm allowed to sew more. as a result, I'm getting neither sewing nor cleaning done.)

11:15 AM  
Blogger maryse said...

yes i don't feel like blogging at all. your socks and tote bag are very lovely

did your dad finally get the book?

7:21 AM  
Blogger The Kneurotic Knitter said...

Simply beautiful crafty-goodness you share on your blog.

I would like to note, though, that your father's mailman is not nice! How dare he get HP #7 wedged into the mailbox ... that's horrible!

I hope your dad finally got his book and enjoyed the finale to this great series!

3:43 PM  

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