Sunday, January 29, 2006

Something terrible happened....

I am not having a good time with my white sock. First of all, I feel like it's taking freaking forever to complete. Second, my stitch count is all off. Something funky happened when I turned the heel, and I lost a stitch somewhere. I can't find a hole or anything, so I just kept going. Also, I think I knit a few too many rows on the heel because I had to pick up 18 stitches instead of just 16. I'm being really stubborn and I refuse to frog anything. I'm just going to keep going and see what happens. The big problem of course, is that there are TWO of them. TWO socks that should, in theory, match!

I'm trying to mentally chalk this up to learning how to knit a sock on circulars..

The green and blue sock is at a standstill until the yarn comes. And I know I'm going to have to order one more skein. This could be an interesting dye lot lesson!

So, after my matinee today, I headed over to Michaels. They were having a "Yarn Event." It was the lamest thing ever. Now, to be fair, I got there at 4 and it was ending at 5, so I may have missed the exciting part. (whatever that was!) But when I got there, there were two very cranky old ladies sitting behind a table. One was knitting and one was crocheting. There was no indication of what they were doing... were they teaching knitting and crocheting? Were they trying to sell the yarn that was lying on the table? Did they just stumble in from the street and decide to play with yarn?

I greeted them both and asked if they knew if there were any knitting groups in the area. (I joined a knitting group in Baltimore, but it's a bit of a hike for me. I really like the people there though, so it's worth the drive. However, I keep looking for a group closer by) The one woman looked at me like I had just asked her where the nearest strip club was. I had to explain - "knitting group... ya know... when people get together and sit around and chat and knit and maybe drink some coffee or something?"

They were completely unhelpful. And CRANKY. One woman finally said that they get together at the store to make squares for blankets for homeless people. A noble pasttime, and one that I would definitely participate in, but not if I have to sit with a bunch of CRANKY old ladies.


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