Thursday, February 02, 2006

Oh my gosh, she finished a SOCK!

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I love my green cabley sock. It's so nice and warm and it really came out well - despite the errata in the early pattern. I have cast on the second one already and have about 3/4 of the toe done. I did a few rows of the white Jaywalker this morning during my kid show. I may actually finish a pair of socks one of these days!

I am having this strange problem when I am composing my posts. When I hit "enter" to start a new paragraph, I can't type anymore. Sometimes, I hit enter and it takes away any pictures I have posted. It's really frustrating. Sometimes, hitting the tab key a few times fixes it, but more often than not - it doesn't. If anyone knows why this is happening, I would love some insight!

I donated platelets today. I am a devoted blood donor and try to donate as often as possible. Unfortunately, I am usually anemic and I get deferred a lot! But I made a concerted effort to take iron supplements for the past week, and so my iron levels were great today. Today was only the second time I've donated platelets. It's a strange experience. It can take up to two hours or more to donate, so they give you a little portable DVD player to watch and you can select a movie to watch. (They actually have a decent selection of movies.) They bundle you up in blankets because you get really cold while donating. Then they hook you up to this machine that takes your blood, removes the platelets, and then puts the red cells back in your body. The strangest part of the whole process is that it can cause your calcium levels to plummet. For some bizarre reason, low calcium makes your lips feel really odd. My lips start to vibrate. It is the weirdest sensation. They give me Tums to suck on when that happens. The calcium in the Tums helps.

I watched "Must Love Dogs" while I bled. Cute chick flick kinda movie. Gotta love that John Cusack. Hottie Hot Hot Hot.

So, I'm sitting there, bleeding, lips vibrating, watching John Cusack and all I could think was "I wish I could work on my socks while I'm doing this." Unfortunately, you can't move your arms. It takes a lot of effort to not feel a little "straight jacked" about it! Sitting, watching a movie... and I CAN'T KNIT!

So, I'm going to post this, get a beverage, and knit some sock!


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Your sock looks great! I love the bright green!

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