Thursday, February 09, 2006

Slug Day
Insomnia sucks. I haven't slept much in two days and I'm starting to feel a little stupid. I can blame Tuesday nights sleeplessness on the two giant cups of coffee I drank at knitting group. My bad. I admit it. Caffiene and I after 6 p.m just don't mix. But that was Tuesday. You would think I would be exhausted and sleep soundly Wednesday night, but nooooo. I was still staring at my clock at 4 a.m.
So, needless to say, I'm a bit tired today! Therefore, I have decided to have a slug day. Do nothing, go nowhere, and be a slug. Unfortunately, I did have to go to work this morning, so it really isn't a true slug day. But I intend to wallow in slugness for the rest of the day. I have yarn, I have pj's, I have rental movies. Who could ask for anything more!

On my way home from work today, I stopped at the drug store, um... I mean yarn store and bought this:
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The pattern is from a Knitting Pattern A Day calendar that I got as a secret santa gift last year. I wasn't even knitting then! I went through it the other day and pulled out all the sock patterns. This one looks pretty interesting. I played with it a bit yesterday and I think I can handle it. I should be working on my white socks. I should not be buying new yarn, I should be thinking about those leaf socks from IK that I want to try. But, I just couldn't resist the tangerine-y goodness of this yarn.

By the way, thanks for the nice comments about the green socks. I like the wool wash idea Leah. I was thinking about doing that since my bind off on both socks is a bit snug. I was hoping that a little soaking might loosen them up a bit.

Do any of you watch Project Runway? It is my new little addiction. I love it! That's actually what I ended up doing last night when I couldn't sleep - watching last night's episode that I had taped. I can't believe they let Nick go. I thought he was adorable and I like his stuff. (though yeah, last night's suit wasn't good) But c'mon - Santino??? That brown sack he put Kara in was awful. I wish she had opened her mouth and said something about how uncomfortable she was. If she had told the judges how bad it was, Nick might have had a chance. I'm convinced they only keep Santino on just because he's so annoying.

Ok, I'm off to take my dog out, get into my pj's, pop a DVD in and begin the slugfest!


Blogger Leah said...

That looks like an interesting pattern!

I'm with you on project runway! I LOVE that show! Last nights was soooo good! I was really sad to see Nick go too but that was a really feminine suit he put Daniel in! As for Kara I really haven't liked anything she did until the last 2 weeks!

Oh & I am finally puttin a bad picture of my sock up for you!! :)

5:38 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

Hi, Colleen! Found you through Eunny's blog. I'm just outside Columbia and would love to meet up with you guys sometime. I'm part of a very small, scattered group that meets at the Borders on the first Monday of the month, but meeting more often would be great!

And they're only keeping Santino around to piss me off. That's the only explanation (okay, ratings, too, but please. It's pathetic)

8:16 PM  

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