Monday, December 11, 2006

A Lovely Weekend

Actually, it was a lovely Saturday. Since I always work all day Sundays, I don't really get a weekend. But Saturdays are mine.

I was really productive during the day and finally got some cleaning done. My room was a big disgusting mess, and now it is CLEAN! I still have a fair amount of pre-holiday cleaning that I would like to get done around here, but I'm happy to have my room back in order. I have a plastic, three drawer storgage thingy under my desk where I keep all my crafty stuff. In my cleaning frenzy, I finally got around to organizing it. I can find my glue now! Now, if the magic laundry fairies would hurry up and get my laundry finished, I'd really be a happy girl!

Saturday night, S. came up and took me out to dinner for my birthday. (which is on Wednesday, the 13th.) We had a yummy meal at Macaroni Grill, followed by their sinfully awesome chocolate cake. I even managed to convince the waitress NOT to sing Happy Birthday in Italian to me. (They make you swing a dinner napkin over your head while they sing to you. Um... No thank you! ) S. and I have both been so busy, we haven't seen each other in ages so it was really nice to see him.

After dinner, we went shopping and I bought myself an early birthday gift.
My new printer

That behemoth is my new, much needed printer. A particularly lucrative waiting shift, a sale at Best Buy and she's mine. My old printer was 11 years old and definitely showing its age. I'm kind of hoping that if my mother actually remembers my birthday, she will send me her yearly birthday check and then this can be my birthday present from her!

So far, I love it! It's a copier/scanner/printer combo. And, I can either hook my camera directly to it, or it has a slot for the memory card from camera. Fancy stuff! My only complaint it that it is HUGE and takes up way too much space on my already too small desk.

Many thanks for all the compliments on my latest crop of baby hats! Here is the rainbow/snowflake one all finished:

finished rainbow snowflake hat

Oddly I think it looks much better in photographs than it does in person. The snowflakes are much easier to see in the picture. I look at this hat and all I can think of is "Pinata!"

I also made this over the weekend:
baby penguin hat
I'm not really happy with my knitting on this one, but it's still pretty cute. My floats are a little too tight, so the hat is lumpy. I tried blocking it a bit, but it's acrylic, so it didn't do much good. It will be getting some pompoms on it soon, because nothing's cuter than a baby wearing a penguin hat with pompoms on it! This one is going to my college friend's baby. Hopefully, she will send me a picture of him wearing it. I'm really looking forward to seeing one of my baby hats on an actual baby!

I started another hat for my pregnant college friend, but I wasn't happy with it and frogged it. I had found a different snowflake chart, but it was really too big for a baby hat. So, I will go back to the original pattern I have been using and make another black and white one.

Well, I'm off to bed. It's my last night as a 38 year old! :)


Anonymous Mintyfresh said...

oh, wow, i love the penguins!! too cute. happy birthday, a day early!

7:09 AM  
Anonymous bySarah said...

The penguin hat is so cute! How do you get your pom poms so fluffy? (Mine always stink!)

8:39 AM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Mmm - I haven't been to a Mac Grill in a while - none around here!

The hats are adorable - the black/multi one also reminds me of a lite bright! :)

9:25 AM  
Blogger Javajem said...

Happy Birthday!! Remind me to sing to you in Italian at knit nite ;)

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!
Chocolate cake!!
New technology stuff!!

4:40 PM  
Blogger Brown Pants said...

Gorgeous hats! Aren't you clever!

10:22 PM  
Blogger Brown Pants said...

Oh, and der me, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Serge said...

While those colors sure make it looks like a pinata, I just can't deny the fact that both of these are great works of art!

1:35 AM  

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