Sunday, March 19, 2006


Ok, you're gonna have to bear with me on this. I need to whine.

So... Last week, I was eating some soup and suddenly my tooth felt a little strange. It had broken right in half. Yes - from eating SOUP, for crying out loud. Even though it was broken, it really didn't hurt at all. It just made eating a little difficult.

BUT, today is a different story. MY JAW HURTS. Not the tooth, but my jaw. Which is a little scary because it's making me think that it's probably infected. It hurt a little when I woke up this morning, but by the end of my matinee this afternoon, I was dying. I took a bunch of ibuprofen and the bartender at the theatre gave me a very large shot of Malibu rum. (I think having a shot of Malibu in the middle of a matinee is a FINE idea.) But it's still bugging me. I'm now waiting for a suitable amount of time to pass so I can take a serious painkiller. (painkiller and malibu - probably not a fine idea!) I told my stage manager that she probably didn't want me running lights this evening since I plan to be as doped up as possible. So, now I have the night off.

Ok, ok... I know what you are thinking... "Why don't you go to a dentist?" Yeah, that would be the smart thing to do, wouldn't it? Well, first of all, I have a HUGE fear of dentists. Phobia would probably be the right word. So, when the tooth didn't hurt at first, I thought - oh, I can deal with this, I don't need to go to the scary scary dentist.

The other issue would be financial. Ya know how I work in theatre? Yeah... Not so lucrative! Dental insurance? HAAAAA!

I did a little internet research. I have phone numbers for the UMBC dental school and for the Maryland Dental Association. I'm hoping one of these fine organizations is going to be able to help poor, impoverished, in pain, me. I will be calling in the morning.

In the meantime... OW!

Ok, done whining for now.

I had a great day yesterday hanging out with the Baltimore Knitting Meetup group. They all came here to Columbia and we went to All About Yarn and did some shopping. Resistance was futile. I bought. (I had a coupon!!!!)

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After spending too much money (despite the coupon.) we headed to the coffee shop for some knitting and noshing. I really had a great time. So great in fact that I couldn't concentrate on knitting. I was trying to cast on for my second koolaid sock and could not count for the life of me. I had to rip it out two or three times. Laura finally came to my rescue with some beautiful handmade stitch markers. (She cut up a drinking straw for me!) Sadly, I was still being a moron because when I got home, I realized that I was supposed to be doing a K2P2 rib, and instead I was doing a K1P1 rib. So more ripping.

I posted some pictures of the group on the Meetup site if anyone wants to check them out.

Tomorrow is Sucky Knitting Girls night. Can't wait. Hopefully my jaw will cooperate!

Ok, I'm off to drug myself and to work on the koolaid sock some more. Hmmm... knitting and painkillers. I wonder how that's going to work!


Blogger Amie said...

Oh, honey, please take care of your jaw! I can tell you horror stories (I won't because I hate when people do that, but I could...) I have a terrific dentist in Columbia, but I don't know how he is on the cost/insurance scale. But I've gone to him for literally 30 years (I think my parents started with him before I was born!) and he's fantastic and honest... if you want his info, let me know.

Do hope you're okay enough to come tomorrow!!!

(and I laugh at your shame at that red/pink stash - my stash could so kick your stash's ass. If I ever have a house that can fit more than my own little zoo I'll have you over to go stash diving....)

Oh, and hey (I'm going for the record for world's most rambling comment, is it too obvious?) if you want I can bring my little ball winder to Panera tomorrow, we can clamp it onto a table and ball anything you want....

10:16 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Ohh hey that's a good idea, I have a ball winder as well, if folks lemme know they need it I can bring it.

Also, yes please take care of your tooth so it doesn't asplode or anything. I'll have to get that dentist's info from Amie as well. I finally found a good dentist back home and then went and moved.

See you tomorrow night (hopefully if your tooth co-operates!)

10:28 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

Eeep!! Coleen that is awful!!

I hear you on fear of dentists but really the best thing you can do is go before it gets worse (which can also mean more costly).

I hope you feel better soon!

11:50 PM  

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