Sunday, February 26, 2006


I am pleased to announce that my show is finally open! No more tech week hell! I might get some sleep!!

We opened last night. Overall it went well. No major train wrecks on stage. I didn't plunge the actors into darkness. No one got hurt. All good! Tonight did not go quite as well. It's SSS - Second Show Syndrome (not Second Sock Syndrome, from which I also seem to suffer) My second show of a run is always a little scary. It's like I'm off the adrenaline rush of opening night, so I relax a little and make mistakes. Again, no major problems, but I made a bunch of mistakes. There are 392 lighting cues in this show. AND, there is this whole Powerpoint slide show going on, and lucky me - I have to run the slide cues. 150+ slide cues AND 392 lighting cues. I haven't run the slide cues yet. I have to do that tomorrow. And I am terrified. I think my brain will explode. Or I'll just have to grow another hand. (Hmmm.. an extra hand...I wonder if that would be good for knitting?)

The cast for this show seems pretty nice. I haven't met them all yet, but so far they've been pleasant. We'll see how much I like them after doing 5 months of this show with them! And they are all BABIES. So young. I offended one of the dancers today because I called him a fetus. He was telling someone he just graduated in January. I thought he was talking about college. He was talking about HIGH SCHOOL. UGH, I'm old.

In knitting land...
I am ALMOST done with the goose sock. I have another block of pattern to do and then I can decrease for the toe. If I don't finish it tomorrow, I should be able to get it off the needles on Monday.
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And here's my experiment with Eunny's argyle chart.
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It's taking some patience to get through this. I keep making stupid mistakes:
Image hosting by Photobucket
I've done a fair amount of ripping on this so far, so I've decided to let this mistake be and keep going. Isn't there some sort of over-stitching I can do to cover my mistake? If not, I'll just try to ignore it! I'll try to make sure it ends up on the back of the sock where I can't see it.

I'm enjoying working on this despite my mistakes. It's really fun to watch the pattern emerge. I'm having issues with the double stranding. I think I've come up with a way to hold my yarn, but it's still uncomfortable. I LOVE the shorty needles I'm working on. They are so easy to use and I like that the yarn is a little bit sticky on them.

And I am also a fan of the yarn. (Knitpicks Palette) I haven't decided how I feel about my color combination yet. (Opinions welcome.) I think maybe I should have used brown as the main color. It is quite possible that I will have enough yarn to make a complimentary pair.

Speaking of yarn...
I was reading Lolly's blog tonight where she is displaying this beautiful red/orange fiery yarn that she got from Hill Country Yarn. Of course I had to go check it out and I ended up buying a skein of Instant Gratification in the Indian Stone color. Do I need more yarn? NO.


Blogger Laura said...

Hooray for tech week being over. :)

And I know what you mean about that yarn, I went and looked at it and there were about 5 colors I wanted... but I am waiting. Waiting til I am employed AND have used up my current sock yarn! :)

10:53 AM  
Blogger Leah said...

The argyle sock is really looking good! I would be nervous to attempt it!

Glad to hear that your work is getting better!

I hate it when work keeps me from knittin! ;)

10:56 AM  
Blogger Amie said...

Thank GOD Tech Week's over! As a performer, I always rather enjoyed Tech Week, cuz by then my hard part is over and everything comes together when you add costumes and lights and all.

I like the sock colors - they look salmon-y and black on the computer, but you said brown and pink and I really like brown and pink....

Hope to see you agin soon!

11:00 AM  

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