Thursday, April 06, 2006

Amie saves the day

I'm knitting along on my hippopotomooose socks when I get to chart B. Being a girl that hasn't really knitted from a chart before, I look at chart B and immediately get confused. There are blank spaces on the evil chart B. What the heck am I supposed to do with those??? Since I had to make a trip to the LYS today anyways... (buying yarn for someone else, I swear!) I brought the chart with me and asked the owner if she could help. Her reply? "I hate charts. Umm... I think you should knit the blank spaces." Now even I (girl who hasn't really knitted from a chart before) know that I should not knit the blanks spaces. But I nod and smile and politely thank the woman for her "help."

So... I race on home and send out an email SOS to Amie. HELP! And sure enough, it was Amie's Knitting Help Hotline (created just for me, I'm sure!) to the rescue! She very patiently explained what to do, and I was soon back on track and knitting again. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Amie!

Here's a little progress picture for you. Not terribly exciting. There's a heel, there's a gusset (it's under the needles, really!) Have I mentioned.. I love this sock!

Pomatomus gets a heel

In my last post, I mentioned that I had gone to Ewenique Yarns in Bel Air. So many people commented about it, I feel the need to apologize if I offended anyone with my comment about the name of the shop. For the record, I thought it was a lovely shop. (I just find the name to be a little silly.) The woman working there was very nice. They have a good selection. The store is warm, inviting and SPACIOUS, which seems to be quality lacking in some shops! And how could anyone not like a shop that sells these:
chicken buttonschicken buttons

I guess I am on some sort of chicken kick lately, because I'm crazy about these buttons. And it is very fun to say "chicken buttons." I have absolutely no idea what I will use these for, I just had to have them. Oh... and other nice thing about Ewenique yarns is that they gave presents with your purchase! We all got measuring tapes and nail files with the Ewenique name on them.

Also... if you happen to go to Ewenique yarns in Bel Air, I highly recommend getting lunch at the wine and cheese place around the corner. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the place. But, they have tasty sandwiches and delicious pignoli cookies!

Oooooh.... and this came today!!!!
WOKT I am SO excited about this book. I have been trying to buy this book FOREVER. I ordered one on eBay awhile ago. After I won the auction and paid through paypal, I got an email saying it was out of stock and they refunded my money. Then I ordered one from Amazon. Again, paid for it and everything - TWO WEEKS later, I got an email - out of stock. But Amazon has finally come through. I confess... I really like making knitted toys. And there are some really cute patterns in here. You can even knit your own wombat should you feel the need.

Before I end this long rambly post, I just wanted to remind everyone that Lolly's knitting meetup on the Mall in DC is this Sunday, 4/9. The weather is supposed to be nice, so come on out and enjoy the sun, the company, and some outdoor knitting.


Blogger Elinor said...

Knitted toys! They look great! I have a book of vaguely odd knittted toys. I made a bear for my cousin (very cute) and an octopus for my boyfriend (VERY silly and happy). It's fun.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Amie said...

Sundalo? Something vaguely italian sounding that started with an "s".

And I've actually had to walk out of restaurants in the middle of dinner to answer knitting emergency questions for my mother (a new-ish knitter), so no, the emergency hotline was not invented for you (not that you wouldn't have been worth the invention:P)

Maybe that's why I can teach my blind students, because of all the knitting phone calls in which I've been involved ...

And YAY! Chicken Buttons!

2:32 PM  

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