Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Chew and View

I have had A VERY LONG DAY. Two shows, two waiting shifts. My feet hurt. I hate waiting on kids. Ye Old Dinner Theatre is packed with school groups this time of year. I hate them all. We have a little chant we tend to say at the end of a long theatre day performing for kids...
"You chewed! You viewed! Get on the bus and get the fuck out!" That's how I felt about my hateful kids today. Why is it that every obnoxious pre-teen thinks he is the first one in the entire planet to think of pouring salt in his friend's glass? grrrr!

But on to happy things....

I got a fabulous email yesterday. The subject said "You Won Yarn!" Yahoooooo! Heather over at One Crafty Bitch had a survey on her blog. If you answered the survey, you got put in a drawing for free yarn. 317 people responded, two got yarn. And one of them is me! Yay free yarn! This is the second time I've won free yarn!

I am soooo close to finishing the yellow sock. Three more rounds and then a toe decrease and I'm DONE. I had every intention of finishing it tonight, but now that I'm home, I am just too damn tired. I have a decent chunk of free time tomorrow, so I will finish them then. How pathetic is it that I want to go out and buy new shoes to show off new socks? I kind of want leather mary janes or something like that. I may have to shoe shop tomorrow.

I have ripped out Calla in a fit of frustration. My stitch count was off or something. I couldn't get through the first row of the charts. It wasn't adding up. I emailed Shauniell and she very kindly emailed me back. It is obvious that I'm an idiot and (if I haven't mentioned this before...) I cannot count. I have every intention of trying this again. Soon. But it would also be helpful if I had the appropriate amount of yarn, rather than starting with a random ball from my stash. Maybe I will be hunting down Calla yarn at MS&W.

Speaking of MS&W... I found a COUPON! I went to the Morehouse Farm website, just to poke around since I LOVE my new book so much. They have a coupon good for $4 off $30 for their yarn at MS&W. Go check it out. It's making me wonder if perhaps I shouldn't see if I can find any other MS&W coupons. Be sure to check out the page about Ram in a Van book tour. It makes me laugh that the page "baaaa's" at you.

Upcoming knitting events....

5/1 - MD knit nite at Border's of Columbia (off of Dobbin, across 175 from the Panera). 7 p.m. in the cafe. There is some discussion about going out for cocktails afterwards!

5/3 - I will be in my dyeing class all day!

5/6 - Not only is it MARYLAND SHEEP AND WOOL FESTIVAL WEEKEND... but the lovely Mama E will be hosting the Knit Blogger's Ball at Clyde's of Columbia. Go check out her blog for the groovy details. And also check out the fabu KBB swag you can purchase.

No pictures today. This sleepy girl is going to bed!


Blogger Lolly said...

What a day! I can't imagine how stressful that can be... here is hoping that the field trip season is over soon, eh?

I bet that email really made your day! That is great about winning the yarn :)

Thanks for the Morehouse link! That is definitely something I need. I loved their booth last year! I have my eye on some of their shawl kits...

See you *very* soon!

7:31 AM  
Blogger Leah said...

Wow that is so cool that you won yarn! Esp. on a stressful crappy day!!

I can't wait to see your finished sock! Maybe it will help get my butt in gear to finish mine!

12:59 PM  
Blogger aija said...

Congrats on the win :) Have fun at ms&w.

2:12 PM  

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